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A New Cafe for Families

The Making of Chirpy's Play Cafe

Coffee, toddlers and a community for families.

Now that we have a signed lease, we want to share the news with everyone! My husband, Ricky and I, Kezzie, along with our two littles have been working hard to make this play cafe happen!

We want you to get to know us so let's start with our cafe's name! Ricky and I have two daughters, big sister C and little sister H. They really are the inspiration to this all! But we wanted to include the whole family since we are all in this journey together. So we just went with a mix of a letter from each name. Big sis C, Little sis H, I (as the owner), Ricky, Happy, Joy (our two mini poodles).

Happy and Joy

What's a Play Cafe?

Imagine an open concept space with imaginative play structures and slides for your active child(ren) to play and socialize with other children while giving parents/caretakers an opportunity to enjoy a beverage from a full espresso bar and chat with other parents or catch up on work emails. It's a community playroom for parents, caretakers, and of course, kids!

The Inspiration

As parents of young children, we've always dreamed of a place where we can take our kids and also enjoy ourselves. Who doesn't want a nice cup of latte and maybe a cinnamon roll and enjoy it while your kid(s) play? Most indoor, kid-friendly facilities are usually geared towards older kids. Outdoor parks are nice when it's nice out but in Nebraska, we know at least half of the year the weather is unbearable. We've also struggled finding a place that can accommodate young children when it comes to events like birthday parties. We have winter birthdays in our family and finding a venue that caters to really young children is impossible without breaking the bank. So all of those things combined gave us enough courage to turn this dream into a reality!

Be a part of the Chirpy's Circle!

We can't wait for construction to start! We will keep the community in the loop as we progress! We have so many ideas for our perfect space and we want to share our journey with you! Please subscribe to get our email updates and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Hope Borseth
Hope Borseth
Oct 02, 2023

We lived in Korea for 2.5 years, where play cafes are everywhere. I loved them and utilized them often. Play cafes are one of the things I miss the most about Korea. I'm so excited we're getting one so close to home!


I am SO excited to check out Chirpys! I LOVE THE NAME! So cute and I love that you incorporated your family names into the name of the brand! My daughter and I have winter birthday's too, so I look forward to getting to know you all through this WONDERFUL idea <3

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