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Play and Pricing

Chirpy's Play Cafe is the perfect place for children to explore their imaginations and use their gross motor skills. We provide a safe and secure environment for kids to have fun and learn, while parents can enjoy a cup of coffee and have some peace of mind.

Our cafe encourages children to be creative, encourages independence and helps develop social skills. We also offer a variety of classes and activities that parents can join in on with their kids. Come and explore Chirpy's Play Cafe today!

Imaginative Play

Our space will have play structures such as a house, cafe, market, farm and a construction, mechanic structure. These structures will have top of the line toys to keep little bodies and minds busy. Imaginative play can help boosts problem solving while playing with peers.

Gross Motor Play

Our climbing structure will provide gross motor play for kids to burn off extra energy and get their wiggles out. Gross motor play involves big movements that uses large muscle groups to help practice coordination and balance.

Social Building Skills

Children learn naturally through play and by merely playing with their peers, they are able to practice their language and social building skills. Children practice their listening, paying attention, and sharing by playing with others. This can help a child explore their feelings. They can then learn to build positive relations with their peers.

Creative Play

Children learn to express themselves through play that fosters creativity. Playing different roles will allow children to develop their imagination and dexterity that links to the physical, cognitive and emotional strength.


options for play



We have 2 hour play sessions. We reset our play area so it's always clean and ready for the next session.

1st child- $12

additional child- $10

under 1 with paid sibling- $6



Save on daily passes by buying a 10 pack pass.

10 play pass- $100

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